Your business
at your finger tips.

Integrating powerful features of the traditional business canvas, Guided is the business canvas app you would actually stick to. Designed to help you get organized, achieve your goals, and work more efficiently with your team.

Designed for both new and experienced business owners

Guided Mode

This will guide new business owners through a set of questions to help start adding notes to the canvas

Freeflow Mode

This takes you directly to the canvas where you can freely explore, add notes and create your canvas on your own

Guided Mode

Whether it's your first time with the canvas or you need some direction, guided mode will help you along.

Quick start for new business owners

Collaborate on Business Models & Value Propositions together with your team

A simple way to organize your notes

Your answers to the guided questions will automatically be added to the canvas sections

Choose which route you want to take

Check your progress throughout

Answer expertly designed questions

Freeflow Mode

For the more advanced users, Freeflow mode will allow you to quickly place notes right on your canvas.

Rapidly sketch out business ideas

Categorize and keep track of your notes with your personal bulletin board

Instantly collaborate with your team

Once notes are published, your team can instantly provide their feedback

Keep track of all comments and changes

All the changes can be viewed through the recent activities section

See your canvas overview

Check your canvas notes

Collaborate with your team

Helps ideas stay organized

Guided helps you organize your ideas even in your brainstorming phase. The personal bulletin board is a personal workspace where you can store and categorize your ideas. When you are ready, you can easily send the note for publish approval.

Share your ideas with your team

Manage both small and big business ideas with your team and keep updated with new changes on the canvas.

Quickly add new notes to your canvas from anywhere

All of your new ideas can be quickly saved to your canvas and put up for discussion.