The Modern
Business Model

Guided App

Launch Prototype

User Research, Ideation, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design

4 Months

Alex Blechta, Colin Coulson, Linda Shen, Rangavi Logaratnam

Tools Used
Overflow, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Streamline and ease the process of planning, communicating and implementing business goals for individuals and teams by redesiging the Flourishing Business Canvas for a mobile platform, focusing on user collaboration, and education.

Step one

Where we started

The Flourishing Business Canvas is a strategic planning tool for visualizing, communicating, brainstorming and testing business concepts or products.

It assists in visualizing and organizing where organizations have an effect, as well as how they are connected to and dependent on one another.

Slide to see the base canvas, and it in use.

Our Design Challenge

How might we integrate the collaborative boardroom style elements from the previous physical canvas to a mobile platform?

What we did

Build an App
Design the brand
Develop a launch site

Designed for both new and experienced business owners

Guided Mode

This will guide new business owners through a set of questions to help start adding notes to the canvas

Freeflow Mode

This takes you directly to the canvas where you can freely explore, add notes and create your canvas on your own

User Route 1

Guided Route

This option is a quick start for new business owners or those unfamiliar with the tool. It will guide users through the expertly crafted questions.

User Flow 2

Freeflow Route

This option is for those who are familiar with the canvas, or have a previous physical canvas that they would like to digitize.

The Canvas Flip

We designed this feature to allow the user to flip their phone sideways to get an outline of their canvas; from there, they can export it to a PDF and print it. 

The Branding

The overall brand was created with the aim of conveying a warm and welcoming voice. This was accomplished by the use of custom illustrations, consistent colours, and friendly icons.

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